Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday with no blues

The weekend saw the unveiling of the ODM presidential campaigns, this followed the earlier one by the incumbent. I have pondered over this whole campaign launch ruckus. Do the millions of chaps who fill up this grounds vote? Is this really a true gauge of the popularity or lack of, of a candidate?

Some guys say that these are just idle youth out to spend a day doing at least something hyper rather than spend it lounging at shopping centres doing what they do best, nothing.

To me this is one of the most pretentious arguments I have ever heard. The fact that this is often peddled by some grey haired chap goes to sure in what state this guy’s mind in. The results of the Banana/Orange duel are there for anyone who needs further proof of this fact. There were massive crowds at each of the Orange rallies and these crowds ultimate made their voting decision in tandem with the way they attended the rallies.

Moving swiftly along I’d like to sat albeit belatedly that the KCB advert both on telly and on radio is quite deadly. The copy chaps who thought it out should really be given some kind of bonus. There is the well thought out jingle to add onto a good idea, this ultimately gives the whole thing a marvellous finish.
Cheers guys and keep them coming.
Still on the subject of ads the producers at the national broadcaster, need to pull up their socks or just retire or even better get into another career, because bland does not even come close to describing their attempts at producing ads. Employ more creative guys please.


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Saturday, October 06, 2007


It is a bright Saturday today; there are no hints of rainfall like a normal Sato. This sides every thing seems to polite and cool.

Office is the same new stuff everyday, which I can say is the only normal thing here.

My programming project is slowly coming through save for the fact that the Open Source society in Kenya seems virtually dead. It is either that or my blog aint read by that many people so I try one more time; FELLOWS ANY ONE WITH OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE OUT THERE HOOK ME UP!!!!

That said there are debates galore in the part of the woods. In Kenya’s Daily Nation, Mr Habel Nyamu wrote about the taboo subject ‘homosexuality’ his main thrust was that these chaps are more or less socially deviant guy who are just asking guys to feel sorry for them for no justifiable reason.

No sooner had the ink dried on the page than the columnist Betty Caplan fired off a reply seeking Mr. Nyamu clarification on the matter. Nation’s other writer on the matter also gave his thoughts (I forget his name).

I dont where this thing will finally conclude to.

There is also the never ending political circus I can wait for 1st January so that this ruckus is over.


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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I am trying to shift my style of writing a bit so that if I havent got something important to say, i just keep my mouth or is it the keyboard silent.

I am trying to learn how to program. This is something I want to do without having to attend a formal class if that is possible. From what I have read from the Great Ones it seems very possible.

The various programming languages are very confusing to say the least. Python, Perl,Lisp,C, C++,C#,Java and the whole lot of them but right now i am trying to concentrate on Python and Lisp. Who knows maybe I might even get to be good at the in this very near future.

The thing that I am lacking is books and where to source on Open Source software coz as i have found out Windows XP doesnt understand anything written in Python.

If there is someone out there who can tell me where i can find this stuff in this country of ours called Kenya I would very much appreciate.

Wish me luck guys


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kenyan and African Literature and all that

The debate about what makes of qualifies one as an African writer has been ongoing for a long time.   Suffice it to say that the debate is not about to end any time soon.  Ken Opande's article (SS 2 Sept. 2007) made for interesting reading.

From the outset I think this whole debate is pertinent as it tries to shed light on what exactly make one an African writer.   Or is there a one-size-its-all description of an African writer.

My opinion is that there isn't.   Every person, every writer, has their definition of what Africa is. Each experience is different, so if we try to all write in one confine storyline that is a recipe for failure.  Writers living in rural Africa will most certainly have a different story to tell from a writer living in an urban area.  Both will have their takes on each situation because of the geographic difference and how they've lived their lives.   Is it the writer who lives in the village where the air is fresh, hill undulate and birds chirrup every morning who is an African writer or is it the writer who chokes in industrial smog and smoke, whose eardrums are almost bursting from the intrusive car horns.

Africaness, in writers if I may call it that, is a state of mind where you sensibilities are towards Africa in its true state, the geographical conditions of you area notwithstanding. 

These sensibilities allows one to write about both the ills and the good things about Africa without glossing over the bad thing for that idyll that is the rolling hills, clear streams, chirruping birds every morning, and very pleasant village in general.

If we take a look at the growth of the African novel post independence, we can se that almost all the writers then we focused on one thing.   That is telling the story of a growing country, a country trying to find its footing in the world.  It helped that these countries got their independence at more or lees the same time.   This brought about some sort of uniformity to their stories.

As time went by these storylines diverged, as writers faced new challenges their writing also became new. Some took the emerging dictatorship head on, others wrote about the growing squalor in the cities and most recently the AIDS scourge that is laying waste to the continent.   It is important to note that Monica Arac de Nyeko won the Caine Prize for African Literature for her story which is about the forbidden love between two girls.   This is a taboo subject in Africa, many people think that this kind of story is a preserve of the west but the fact the she is a woman from Northern Uganda tell us that this is a true African story.

This goes to state my position that it is foolhardy to expect a writer whose thoughts and experiences do not include village fires, bullfrogs and village criers to base his works on that just to please a critic with a romanticized view of Africa.  The same applies to a writer whose base is rural Africa.  As writers we try to tell the world our stories and experiences.   The moment you start writing from an uninformed point of view just so as to fit into a conventional mould of an Africa writer then you are setting yourself up for failure, to be liked only by the some chaps resident in some literature departments.

So the moment my novel tells you about a concrete jungle where people dodge cars and flying toilets and not a spear and they leap over sewers and not rivers, read and give if it a chance and if you don't like it, look for another which you like.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Cynic

I have always connoted the word 'cynic' with something diabolical. But I have now realised the need for us to have some cynics if we are to survive in this cold and cruel world.


What has made me turn my thoughts to the cynic is the fact that it is becoming very clear that all human being have an inherent sense of putting one's self first.   Some will say that this is a good thing, the stuff that drives ambitions, but what do you say about the chap who snookers his mate's clients as his when the other chap has called in sick or the best lady who snatches her best friend's groom to be on the eve of the weeding.  


If we are truthful to ourselves then we can clearly say that 85% of everything you hear from anybody is a lie.   More so one intended to further the liar's life in some way or the other. 


How can you explain an economist lying to a hapless group of illiterate villagers about the benefits of a fake pyramid scheme?   And he does this with no compunction and the villagers with take this as the gospel truth.  Woe unto any who tries to question this guy's assertions.  


I few are to believe that everyone means well for us and accept what they tell us or do with so much as a check, then we are setting ourselves up for serious failure.   Guys will run roughshod over you using you as the stairs to get to the upper floor.


A little cynicism didn't hurt anyone rather it is good for us all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I have wrote nothing in a while and thought this would best summarise my brain.  I currently am thinking up what to write but my brain seems to be on a very lazy plane.  That said Kenya politics has never been this entertaining what with politician from all sides of the divide try to upstage each other.  Not by a visceral contest but by how much profanity and abuse can come out of your mouth than the other guy.
If anyone thinks that they is any difference beetween the opposition and the ruling class then they must be living in some deluded world.  Suffice it to say that the chaps who are today shouting in the opposition were yesterday in goverment and vice versa.  And so will the bloody circle revolve.
Till the day we'll load them up in a ship and blast it to high heaven and start afresh with new chaps then it will be same old same old.  Or what do you think???

Sunday, July 08, 2007


 I got a weird title today coz I've many thoughts swirling in my head.  From finances to heart matters if I may call them that.
 I am go back to Kenya tomorrow coz of the semester ending and all and I hope to take like a polite drink when I reach there so as to kind of put my head blank.
 Being in Kenya will come with the attendant benefits of having a reliable internet connection as compared to this backwaters.
 But one think I will definitely miss will be the waragi.  A drink that soothes you soul when you want and give you fire when you want it.